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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Martini Recipes - Dirty Vodka Martini

Martini Recipe - Dry Vodka Martini

So let's start with the absolute best martini in the world, the dirty martini. This is the martini I drink 95% of the time. This is a real man's drink. This was Sinatra's drink and you never are accused of drinking a girly drink with this one. And, yes, it is pure alcohol so it will know you off your ass!

On to the recipe:

2 oz Grey Goose Vodka
1 tbsp dry vermouth
2 tbsps olive juice
2 olives

1. To ensure a cold glass, place an ice cube and a small amount of water in a cocktail glass.

2. Get your best shaker and fill it with all ingredients including olives. Cover and shake about 3 - 4 times.

3. Remove cocktail glass from freezer, and empty. Pour contents of the mixer into the cocktail glass, include one of the olives, and serve with a mysterious smile.

Note: For the gin varietal, you can replace the vodka with gin (still 2 oz.)

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